About Us

Cleveland house is the only sober living resort for men...on the ocean in South Florida!


We are looking forward to your stay!

At Cleveland House, we are committed to providing a nurturing, drug and alcohol free living environment to newly recovering men.  Located directly on beautiful Hollywood Beach, residents have a full range of 12-step meetings within 10 minutes walking distance.

The Cleveland House is located in a very safe and drug free neighborhood 100 steps from the Atlantic Ocean.  We believe that newly recovering people should be given every advantage possible, beginning with a safe and enjoyable living environment. 

Our environment fosters acceptance and growth through the wide variety of people that walk through the doors of Cleveland House.


Our mission is to change the lives of our newly recovering residents by giving them every advantage possible.
Our Founders’ prescription:
Trust God, clean house, help others.


We believe that any problem can be resolved with the right resources. At Cleveland Home, we are dedicated to changing your life, all while having fun!


Living a Sober Lifestyle is not boring in any regard, and at the Cleveland House we have a lot of fun, laughter and heartwarming moments that produce memories that our guests cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. The Cleveland House Staff lives on the property 24 hours a day, so there is always assistance to provide our residents. 

We provide the tools required through the 12 Steps of Recovery to nurture, encourage, and assist our residents to maintain their Sobriety for their Lifetime, and have been doing so successfully for many years.

 Lifelong friends are made at the Cleveland House, failure is turned into success, hope arises from despair, and of the greatest importance, our Residents leave as Winners in life! The first steps to recovery begin here at the Cleveland House, just 100 steps to the ocean and 12 steps to a new way of life!


We are just 100 Steps to the Ocean
and 12 Steps to a New Way of Life!