Success Stories

Our Cleveland House Success Stories

At Cleveland House, we are extremely proud of our Home and our residents. We have had many people come through our doors, some have happy stories – others don’t – and a few don’t have stories left to write. We can’t keep someone here that doesn’t have the desire to improve their life situations. The Cleveland House is here, as is recovery, for people that want it, not just need it.

As mentioned, we have successes – we would like to mention a few! First, of course, we have to mention the owner of Cleveland House, Alan R. Alan  has over 35 years of sobriety and although he was successful in his prior businesses, he found that he was not sufficiently supplying his recovery bank with vital resources. This was the beginning of his move to help others. He is a dedicated member of AA and is a fixture at meetings, particularly the ones that he hosts at Cleveland House. Alan is a concerned and supportive role model for people coming into recovery with an honest desire to get and stay sober.

Cleveland House saved my life! By trusting their program and following the direction given by staff, I was able to overcome my drug addiction and start a new life. Highly Recommend!
James W.
Cleveland House is truly incredible , this place saved my life, the staff and everyone else is great. this is an excellent sober living center in Hollywood Florida for people in early recovery from addictions. I fully support and Highly Recommend.
Henry B.
One of the best places I can imagine to build on recovery. Alan is a good man and cares about each person there, and all who have come through the Cleveland House. I look back on my time there as some of the best days of my life.
I needed help getting sober and I didn't have anybody to turn to. I had got a DUI, lost my job and didn't have any insurance. I had meet Alan Rubin the owner of the Cleveland House and asked him for help. To my surprise he was able to get me in a detox, BARC had turned me down because of medical issues. That was 9 months ago and I am sober today.
The Cleveland House with Alan and Julio (the house manager) were what I needed to get my life back on track. The program gave me structure and an opportunity to get involved in a twelve step program (AA for me). I got an AA sponsor and am working the 12 Steps. I met friends there and stopped being a loner, drunks usually are that way.
Thanks for all of the help you gave me!
Alan B.

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