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Weekly Sunday Breakfast

Structure Is A Priority

We start each weekday with a 7:00 am AA meeting.  On Saturdays at 9:00 am, we host a spiritual meeting and on Sundays, the Hollywood Beachcombers group meets at 9:00 am.  Thursday nights we have a 7:00 pm Big Book speaker meeting where outsiders share their message of experience, strength and hope with our residents.   All meetings  are open and held at the poolside. At the Cleveland House, camaraderie runs high.  Senior residents assist newcomers in getting to outside meetings and help them find sponsors and support groups, like the Dania After Work Group (DAWG), which meets every day at 5:30 pm at a location close to our house.

We are just 100 Steps to the Ocean
and 12 Steps to a New Way of Life!


Our Amenities

The Cleveland House offers many amenities.  Located right on Hollywood Beach’s famous boardwalk, residents have access to all types of water sports, fishing, volleyball, paddleball, yoga, running, rollerblading, or just relaxing on the beach.  

  • We have a heated swimming pool and includes a satellite TV in each room that receives all the movie channels. 
  • We have house computers available 24 hours a day and wireless internet throughout the entire property. 
  • We serve FREE coffee all ways, 24 hours a day.
  • We offer free bicycles to use while you are saying with us.
  • We offer free Airport Shuttle Services. We are located 10 minutes from Hollywood – Ft. Lauderdale International Airport
  • Metrorail train service is only a city bus ride away.
  • No bunk beds – each resident has their own bed.


$ 200 Week
  • No Deposit
  • No Admin Fee